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Who can benefit

Nutritional therapy and the functional medicine approach aims to optimise your health and focus on prevention.

However, if you are experiencing symptoms, sub-optimal health or chronic disease, you may have imbalances that can affect basic physiological processes in the body.

By taking a holistic view of you and your health and applying the latest scientific research, nutritional therapy aims to support the underlying biochemical processes in the body and optimises your nutrient intake.

Food provides our energy but also provides information for our genes. However, the overwhelming amount of conflicting information is creating confusion and mixed messages.

Nutritional therapy is science based but is tailored to each individual.   Personalized nutritional intake will support and promote health and wellbeing and incorporating specific lifestyle recommendations will also support healing and wellness.

My goal is to help you distinguish what is applicable for your own health and to empower you to feel your best and support and inspire you by helping you achieve your own health goals.

My special areas of interest include:

Chronic fatigue syndrome


Fatigue and low energy

Gastrointestinal health and digestive disorders

Autoimmune conditions

Blood sugar imbalances



Allergies and skin conditions

Hormonal health

Cognitive decline

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